100Lakes #GRVL
Your gravel story...

Sport that has always been present in life in various forms finally pushed the common man towards long-distance cycling.

 I would never even bet ... Finaly from MTB to gravel. It's hard not to find lyrics in all of this when you pass a pig on 300 km greetings with a nice grunt, or in a forest wilderness, a freely flying bull. I will not mention the landscapes, you know how hard it is not to notice them without spitting my chin, often violently, what a pity that I cannot stay for this moment longer, even if I stop without even putting up the basket with oilcloth and a substitute for a picnic. 

The calm of a forest night with a light wind and subtly plus temperature can be as unique as the most creative and epic places that we are able to plan at the limit of our mind, without a bicycle.  It's hard not to see poetry in all this, which is why in is so inspiring and make you feel more and more alive...  It's also hard not to attempt this analogy - that's what Gravel is, or at least it is ... It's impossible to juxtapose it with another genre, omit it, downplay it, although it is an ordinary figment of the imagination, it does not have to exist, and it does the job like little else :) 

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